Powder coating is an environmentally friendly and thermoset paint composed of dry and solid raw materials (resin – hardening pigment – additive and filler). Thermoset paints were first used in underground gas and oil pipelines in the 1950s. Production started in Europe and America in 1971. After the 1980s, Turkey’s starting to show powder paint production has been a favorite of decorative sense the coating method together with environmental and economic advantages.

How is Powder Coating Produced?

Self Blend

In the pre-mix, the raw materials weighed according to the formulation of the product are turned into a homogeneous dry mixture before entering the extruder. Possible color corrections are made at this stage of production.

Extrusion – Cooling and Crushing

The premixed raw materials are extruded and subjected to melting, mixing and crushing stages. The energy required for the premix to become a melt is obtained by heating the extruder wall. The semi-finished product coming out of the extruder as a melt in the mouth is crushed by cylinders and delivered to the cooling band. The cooling process takes place by cooling the band with air or cold water. The material, which becomes brittle by cooling, is turned into chips suitable for grinding by means of crushers.

Grinding and Classification

The chips coming out of the extruder and crushed by cooling are transported to the mill where they are ground. The particle size is controlled by the classifier inside the mill. The grains of the desired size are fed to the cyclone where the fine grains are separated by means of a fan. Fine particles separated in the cyclone are sent to dust collection filters for disposal or reprocessing. The desired size grains are transferred to the sieves, which is the last process before canning.

Screening and Packaging

Coarse grains escaping from the mill classifier are removed by sieving before packaging. After the sieved powder paints are subjected to all quality control processes, they are weighed in desired quantities and packaged in a manner that will not take air and moisture.