Powder paints consist of solid materials and do not contain paint solvents called solvents. Solvent is a liquid or gas substance that dissolves a substance and forms a solution. Since this substance is not present in powder paints, they are in solid form. These paints are used for decorative purposes both to protect against external effects and to increase visuality. Thanks to its ingredients, it acts as a protective shield on the wall. These useful paints are produced in their own powder coating facilities. These facilities are frequently encountered especially in big cities such as Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara.

Powder paints have little effect on the environment and employees. They are more preferable dyes in terms of health. Another reason for the quality of powder paints is that they are equipped with superior durability properties against any mechanical or chemical effects from outside. Powder coating types do not need thinners. It also has a wide range of color tones and brightness options. With their high performance, they help you achieve quality cheaper than other paints.

The main usage areas of electrostatic powder paint are as follows:

Aluminum industry,
Steel door industry,
Machinery industry,
Lighting industry,
White goods industry,
Automotive supply industry,
Metal furniture industry,
Steel shelf industry,
Manufacture of tables, chairs, door handles, culverts and stands,
Park garden furniture and fence manufacturing,
Manufacture of playgrounds for children,
Manufacture of agricultural tools and equipment,
Manufacture of electrical panels,
Bicycle manufacturing,
Panel radiator manufacturing,
Manufacture of kitchen tools and equipment (pans, pots, etc.),
Glass and wood industry