Our Vision

Mikroton Kimya

Giving atentions to traning and development, following the new developmentsaround the world in our filed, spreading this to the company and its customers, creating an innovative and sustainable structure and working for its continuity.

Our Mission

Mikroton Kimya

To be the brand that our customers will always prefer, with our expert and reliable staff, based on continuous customer satisfaction.

Quality Product

To keep our product and service quality at the highest level and to work continuously to improve it.

Customer Satisfaction

Always prioritizing loyalty, honesty and respect and sharing these with customers.


Good Relationships

To adopt win-win principles in our relations with our customers and suppliers.


To be respectful to the rules and cultures of our country and other countries in which we do business.


Protecting Nature

To make the most efficient use of information and data about our industry and our environment in our decisions and practices.

Above Standard

To work with precise and clear criteria for quality, to establish our quality system in a way that meets and exceeds the ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

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